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U.V. Ultraviolet Glass Bonding Adhesives, Cleaners and Hardware by C.R. Laurence
Glass Bonding System

CRL takes the mystery out of glass bonding with our complete line of UV and UV/Visible Light Adhesives, Fixation Devices, UV Lamps, and Glass Furniture Hardware. Everything you need with easy-to-understand instructions and guidelines to produce glass bonded work from functional glass furniture to beautiful glass artwork. There are hundreds of possible uses in glass construction with the Glass Bonding System from CRL. New innovative Fixation Devices make construction faster and easier. Advanced UV Adhesives provide strong bonds to many different substrates including laminated glass, tempered glass, steel, aluminum, stainless steel, ceramic, stone, wood, and plastics. We have a wide selection for UV Lamps for fast bonding of all sizes of glass furniture. We even have basic UV Starter Kits for first time users and professional kits for full time users, plus all the right cleaners and accessories needed to make your job easier and more profitable.

  Glass Bonding Adhesives and Cleaners
  • UV Adhesives
  • 3M™ Brand Fast Curing Adhesives
  • 200ML Selleys Araldite
  • Loctite® Brand Fast Curing Adhesives
  Glass Bonding Tools, Supplies and Hardware
  • UV Bonding Fixtures
  • UV Set-Up Carpet
  • UV Set-Up Mat
  • Analog Dispenser Kits and Accessories
  • UV Bonding Lamps, Safety Glasses, and Face Shield
  UV Bonding Kits
  • Basic UV Bonding Starter Kit
  • Small UV Bonding Starter Kit
  • Pro UV Bonding Kit With Tube Lamp
  • Pro UV Bonding Kit With High Intensity Spot Lamp
  CRL UV Glass Bonding Furniture and Display Hardware
  • Casters
  • Dampers
  • Furniture Legs
  • Glass-to-Wood Hinges
  • Knobs
  • Locks and Keepers
  • Pulls
  • Supports
  • Glass-to-Glass Hinges
  CRL Glass Bonding Catalog & Training DVD
  • Glass Bonding Hardware Catalogue
  • Glass Bonding Training DVD
  • Glass Bonding Webinar Registration

Advantages of CRL's Glass Bonding System

  • Easy to Understand Instructions and Guidelines
  • Hundreds of Possible Uses in Glass Construction
  • Advanced UV Adhesives Provide Strong Bonds to Varied Substrates
  • New Innovative Fixation Devices
  • Wide Selection of UV Lamps
  • Latest Designs in Glass Furniture Hardware
  • Starter Kits – Basic and Professional

  • Questions about U.V. Products or Supplies, or any Glass Bonding system question, click here.